Bryan & Megan PA Wedding Film

Bryan & Megan have a sincere love. It is so beautiful to see, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to have gotten to know them and who they are together. I admire them for so many reasons, especially their diligent pursuit of the Lord. Congrats again Bryan & Megan! 

Bryan & Megan: PA Short Wedding Film

I've cried at weddings before, but tearing up while editing a wedding was a first for me. Megan's sweet exchanges with her father, the way Bryan looked at Megan, the joy on everyone's face; this wedding was packed full with those tender moments that pull at your heart strings.

Getting to know Bryan & Megan through shooting their love story film and wedding day has been so inspiring. Their love for each other is so evident through both their actions and words. The things they love most about each other are so selfless and pure. God was so present on this day, as I know he will be throughout their marriage as Bryan and Megan continue to pursue him together.

Congratulations Bryan & Megan, I can't wait to share your full wedding film coming soon!